WEARE Practice Exams


WEARE is the project of two friends who want to improve your chance of passing the ARE exams by creating practice exams that are relevant and affordable.

Miguel Santos was born in Portugal a long time ago – so long that he remembers owning a Walkman. He earned his M.Arch in Switzerland in 2008 and four years later he married the best thing that ever happened to him and followed her to New York, leaving everything behind. Having practiced architecture in Portugal, Brazil, and Switzerland, Miguel has been working for the past 5 years at a major New York firm.He has been lucky enough to work on a great variety of projects over a span of 12 years, ranging from small single-family houses to large headquarters of some of the biggest tech companies in the world.

Born in the US and raised in Korea, Kee Hyun has always been a calm rebellion who believes in gratefully pursuing happiness in life, hard and smart. After earning his M. Arch in 2011, Kee was finally freed from the life of exams and grades -until he realized he had to pass the ARE in order to become a licensed architect. Furious, Kee committed himself to passing the ARE in the shortest time possible. That was 9 months of his life, while going to work every day and even doing all the dishes and chores for his lovely wife. As a registered architect, Kee has been working on many prestigious projects in the US and abroad. Kee currently lives in Los Angeles, working on his tennis and enjoying architecture.

Why WEARE Doing This 

While studying for the ARE, we felt the same common frustration: practice tests were a fundamental tool to prepare for the ARE exams, but there were only a limited number of options available and most were overpriced and outdated. After Kee obtained his license, we decided to do something about this.Taking advantage of our paternity leaves in 2018 – and because we had nothing else to do during this time – Kee started using his study materials to create quizzes and Miguel built a website and a brand. After a lot of tweaking and refining, and some valuable input from some friends, we agreed that we wanted to help the bigger community. While it’s taken a long time to develop the content that our customers deserve,  there’s nothing more rewarding than getting emails from architects who have passed their exams with our help. That is what it is all about.

In other countries, the path to obtain both an architectural degree and licensure can involve as little as 4 years and $5,000, but the process of going through higher education and license exams in the US is alarmingly costly and time consuming. Besides being dedicated to making your journey more easy and affordable, each year we commit to giving 1% of our annual profit to one lucky customer. It may not be enough to pay back your loans, but it’s a start.

What WEARE All About 

Supporting our peers as they take on the ARE.

Providing high-quality material at an affordable price. 

Taking customer feedback seriously and constantly improving our content.

Being there for our users with 24/7 customer support. Reach us at info@tryweare.com


Together WEARE stronger!

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