ARE 5.0 + LEED Company Rates

Company Rates

How it works:

Company rates work on a subscription model and are based on the number of licenses a given office wishes to acquire. Each license allows one employee to have access to all of our content without restrictions, plus all new content that is constantly being added. Each employee has a unique user and account, associated with their email.

Licenses are transferable, which means that if a given employee passes the ARE and/or LEED exams at any point – or leaves the firm, for some reason – the firm may transfer his or her license to another employee. The firm can choose to have a “group leader” that will have access to a part of the back end of our site, allowing them to transfer seats as they see fit. Alternatively, the firm may also leave the management of the group to us, at no additional cost.

The firm will make an initial payment for the first month, by using a Stripe or PayPal link we provide. All subsequent payments will be billed automatically, using the same payment method the firm originally chose. The firm may cancel its subscription at any time after the first month. After the first year, your subscription will renew automatically.

How much it costs:

The baseline price for each license is $199/year and the discounts are as follows:

Nr. of Licenses














See example below for the pricing of a firm that wishes to purchase a subscription with 20 licenses:

Total cost of 20 licenses without discount: $199 x 20 = $3,980/year

Final cost after discount: $1,980 – 15% = 3,383/year, resulting in 12 monthly payments of $281.92.

What we offer:

  • Outstanding 24/7 support for your firm's employees.
  • Very large database of ARE 5.0 and LEED practice exams that is constantly being updated.
  • Knowledgeable customer service including question follow ups, technical support and much more.
  • An ever growing amount of study resources for the ARE 5.0 and LEED AG exams – practice exams, detailed explanations, video tutorials, slide presentations, book summaries and more exciting things to come.
  • Complete flexibility in working around your needs. Are you looking for something you're not sure we can provide? Reach out to us, we're positive we'll find a way to satisfy your request.

In conclusion:

Even without any discount, we are the most cost effective exam prep provider for the ARE and LEED AG exams. But we appreciate working with companies that are invested in the personal growth of their employees. Therefore, on top of our very low prices, we also offer extremely generous discounts. Looking forward to working with you.

For more on company rates, send us an email at

LEED Green Associate Exam Content

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