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Corporate Discount

How does it work?

The corporate discount is based on an annual membership that an office pays, on a monthly basis, for a given number of licenses. The office will have a group leader that will make the initial payment by following a link we provide. The group leader can then also enroll employees or leave the management of the group to us. 

Furthermore, each license allows employees to have access to all our content without restrictions, plus all new content that is constantly being uploaded. Each employee has a unique user and account. The office, upon requesting us, has the flexibility to add more licenses at any time and this will be reflected on the following monthly payment. You can also choose to cancel your membership at any time, after the first month. After the first year, your membership will renew automatically.


The baseline price for each license is $199/year and the discounts are as follows:

  • 0-9 employees – 10% 
  • 10-19 employees – 20% 
  • 20-49 employees – 30% 
  • 50-99 employees – 40% 
  • 100-199 employees – 50% 
  • +200 employees – 60%

See example below for the final pricing for an office that wishes to enroll 10 employees:

Total cost of 10 licenses without discount: $199 x 10 = $1,990/year

Final cost after corporate discount: $1,990 – 20% = $1,592/year. This would result in 12 monthly payments of $132.66

What we offer

WeARE committed in supporting your firm's employees in becoming licensed architects with a large resource of practice questions for all NCARB’s divisions, that can be easily accessed through our website and backed up by excellent customer service. For a convenient and effective user experience we confidently provide our corporate partners with:

  • The possibility of having admin control over the group of enrolled employees. 
  • Large database of ARE 5.0 practice exams that periodically get updated. 
  • Quick and responsible customer service including question follow ups, technical support and troubleshooting
  • Various and flexible pricing options that accommodate your evolving office and group

In conclusion:

Even without any discount, we provide the most cost effective source for ARE practice exams on the market. But we appreciate working with companies that are invested in the improvement and future of their employees. Therefore, on top of our very low prices, we also offer extremely generous corporate discounts. 

For more on corporate discounts, shoot us an email at and we'll take care of you. 


Referral Discount

We provide high-quality practice exams and case studies at a very reasonable price, but we acknowledge that passing the ARE exams isn’t exactly cheap. We also want to reward all of you out there that are spreading the word and letting others know of our practice exams. If you're a bootcamper, reach out to Destiny over at YoungArchitect and she can help you set up a group with access to even greater discounts. 

How does it work?

Reach out and check if you know anyone that would be interested in purchasing any of our products. For every 2 additional friends you refer, you – plus each friend – get an additional 10% discount up to a maximum of 40%.

  • 4 friends (including you) – 20% discount each
  • 6 friends (including you) – 30% discount each
  • 8 friends (including you) – 40% discount each

Which products can I purchase with this discount?

The discount code can be used to buy any product on our site. You, plus all your referred friends, can use the code to buy different products if you wish so.

How can I redeem the discount?

Let’s say you ask around and were able to gather 3 friends that are also interested in buying one of our products. Send an email to and copy all the other 3 friends in the email. Within 24 hours – usually it takes us much less time- we will reply with a discount code. 

Finally, each one of you just has to choose whatever product they wish to purchase and apply the discount code upon checkout. The code will be valid for a period of 72h, starting after you receive the code in your inbox. 

That’s it! Spread the word and good luck with all your exams.


Sale Discount

Thanksgiving Sale

30% off until 12.01 at midnight E.S.T.  Just add the coupon WEARE_thankful at checkout.

Currently unavailable. Please leave us your email below and we'll notify you when we launch our next sale. Thank you!