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After i tried the ARE 5.0 Free Quizzes, I purchased the full set of ARE mock exams with a discount. So far it's been a great tool, and I'm glad I did! I like that it's not a monthly subscription so I can study at my own pace without feeling pressured by my wallet. Questions always feel relevant to my other study tools, too. Thank you!


As we all know the architect registration exam process can be extremely costly. So, before I jumped into the exam process, I performed a ton of research to see what would be the best content that I could purchase for the best price.


Thanks for you great work, you are doing great job!


WeARE is great in terms of content for their review questions. Love the multiple quiz and exam formats, so that you can take a short practice quiz or a timed mock exam. For me these questions were the closest to the actual ARE exam questions. Really made me think about the content of the question and the answers, which really helped with the actual exams. I loved them!


Thank you so much!! You’re awesome, I’m so impressed at how quickly you responded (on a Saturday morning!!). You are a much needed breath of fresh air from the more commercial study material companies. In addition, I have a few friends preparing to test and will be sure to refer them to you.


Excellent products, I used them for all my exams. Thanks for doing this.


Practice questions from our ARE 5.0 Free Quizzes

Our ARE 5.0 Free Quizzes only contain a glimpse of 15 questions. Check our ARE 5.0 Exam Bundles for more than 1,200 practice questions for aspiring architects studying for the NCARB ARE 5.0 exam.

Case Studies

Our ARE 5.0 Free Quizzes do not contain case studies. Check our ARE 5.0 Exam Bundles.

Alignment with NCARB exams

Every single question from our ARE 5.0 Free Quizzes is categorized per NCARB's section within each division so you'll know what your weaker spots are.


At the end  of our ARE 5.0 Free Quizzes, there is a breakdown of your results with clear clarifications for every question you got wrong. Moreover, we provide links to official resources and useful links.

Multi Exam Format

Most ARE 5.0 Free Quizzes contain multiple choice and fill in the blank questions; diagrams, tables, details and images. Check our ARE 5.0 Exam Bundles for full practice exams, short practice exams (20 questions) and short focused quizzes aligned with the divisions from NCARB exams.

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We built a responsive site that works seamlessly in a desktop, tablet and mobile environment, so that you can take our ARE 5.0 Free Quizzes anywhere. An App is on the way!

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Content made by architects for architects. We strive to provide an excellent product at a very low price. Our primary goal is to help you through this tough experience. 

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Recommended sources outside of our ARE 5.0 Exam Bundles

If there is one absolute truth in this world it is this one: you cannot pass all ARE exams with one single source.

If you dream of becoming an architect, Hyperfine and Young Architect are an absolute must!


Ben Norkin does an astounding job with Hyperfine. He does not provide ARE exam bundles but he has courses, assignments, study questions, study plans and much more. Don't miss out!

Young Architect

There's a 99% chance you already heard about YA. If you haven't, please check Michael Riscica' site and stop wasting your time! 

After you tried our ARE 5.0 Free Quizzes​, you should check our ARE 5.0 Exam Bundles for the real deal!