PcM Case Study - Resources

Resource 1

Peter and Jane got married at the turn of the century and in 2001, in Seattle, they founded a limited partnership called Minus is Less. After a successful decade of working together, Jane decided to move back home to Miami, so that she could be closer to her parents as their health started to deteriorate.

The distance between Peter and Jane started to take a toll on both their personal and professional relationship and Jane decided to quit Minus is Less and ask for a divorce. Not long after moving to Miami, Jane met up with one of her childhood friends, Bryan, a very successful local developer that recently acquired a large number of properties in the once decaying Design District. When she moved to Miami, she initially planned to take a sabbatical year, but Bryan made her an offer that she couldn't refuse: a commission to renovate a small warehouse into a new restaurant for a renowned Chef that had already won 3 Michelin stars. The budget, in Bryan's words, “was not an issue” and the schedule was very loose, so she could spend more time with her parents.

Fast-forward four years and Jane is now the principal of a booming 19-employee architectural firm, Less is Boring. The firm is a general services practice organized as a studio, structured as follows: one principal, Mario and Tiffany as the two project managers, 12 architects, Clyde as materials specialist, Jason as a marketing manager, Rebecca as an administrative assistant and Pablo as the receptionist.

Jane is on the verge of securing another commission from Bryan in the Design District: the renovation of a large two-story warehouse into a co-work/co-live space. The program asks for 4 retail spaces and 4 makerspaces on the ground floor, an open co-work space on the second floor and 10 studios on the third floor.