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Resource 1 shows a typical plan for an eight-story office building in New England near the ocean. It has a rectangular footprint and the structure consists of a center concrete core and a steel framing system of wide-flange beams, girders, and columns. The floor system is composed of a composite metal decking and the façade is composed of a unitized curtain wall system. The floor-to-floor height is 15’.

Loads for a typical office floor:
live load = 249 psf.
dead load = 268 psf

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E – Modulus of Elasticity 

L – Total length of beam between reaction point

Mmax –  Maximum moment

P – Concentrated load

W – Total load on beam

w – uniformly distributed load

TL – total load


W= wL

W= (TL)L

Mmax – PL

Mmax – wL2/8

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Transportation and handling costs: $135/ ft3
Transportation and handling surcharge for large units: 25%

Brick veneer system:
Unit specified size (DxHxL): 3 5/8” x 3 5/8” x 7 5/8”
Unit nominal size (DxHxL): 4” x 4” x 8”
Material cost: $20/sf
Installation cost: $10/sf

GFRC tile rainscreen:
Unit size (DxHxL): 3 5/8” x 14’ – 0 5/8” x 29’ – 0 5/8”
Material cost: $80/sf
Installation cost: $40/sf