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In which order should I take the ARE 5.0 divisions?

Above all, there is no right or wrong way to do it. But aspiring architects typically choose the order by which they take the 6 exams per their overlapping and difficulty. The latter may be more subjective and personal, but the former is quite evident once you start studying for the exams. We believe there is a substantial overlap in the study materials between Practice Management (PcM), Project Management (PjM) and Construction & Evaluation (CE). Or as most people call these 3 exams: the Pro-Practice divisions. There's also some overlap between Programming & Analysis (PA) and Project Planning & Design (PPD). And there is a substantial amount of overlap between PPD and Project Development & Documentation (PDD).

People usually start studying for the Pro-Practice Trifecta (PcM, PjM and CE) because there is a smaller amount of study materials to read. We would not say these exams are easier than the other three, but the exams are shorter and there is less information to absorb. It is good to start with the shorter exams to gauge what the ARE 5.0 is all about.

Similarly, the experience will also teach you how to carefully, but quickly, read questions. In addition, you will get better at spotting the right answer and how to pace yourself. This will be useful once you get to the 100-question mammoths!

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