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ARE 5.0 Tips

Navigating the ARE: A Step-by-Step Guide

Step 1: Establishing Exam Eligibility

Before you can take the ARE, you need to establish your exam eligibility. This process varies depending on the jurisdiction where you seek licensure. Some jurisdictions require you to gain a certain amount of experience through the Architectural Experience Program (AXP) before you can take the ARE, while others allow you to start the exam process right after graduation. It's essential to check with your jurisdiction's architectural licensing board to understand their specific requirements.

Step 2: Navigating the Exam

The ARE consists of six divisions, which can be taken in any order. Each division focuses on a different aspect of architectural practice, and they all include a mix of multiple-choice, check-all-that-apply, quantitative fill-in-the-blank, hot spot, and drag-and-place questions, as well as case studies. You should familiarize yourself with the content of each division and the types of questions you'll encounter.

Step 3: Scheduling Your Exam

Once you're ready to take a division of the ARE, you can schedule your exam through your NCARB Record. You'll be able to choose the date, time, and location that works best for you. Remember to schedule your exam early enough to give yourself plenty of time to prepare.

Taking the ARE is a significant step in your architectural career. By understanding the process and requirements, you can navigate this step with confidence. For more detailed information, refer to the ARE 5.0 Guidelines and explore the resources available on NCARB's website.