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Understanding Your ARE Score and Reporting Test Concerns

After completing the exam, understanding your score and knowing how to report any test concerns are crucial. This article provides a comprehensive guide to help you navigate these post-exam processes.

Receiving Your Score

After you complete an ARE division, you'll receive a provisional score at the test center or immediately after an online-proctored exam. This provisional score will give you an initial indication of whether you've likely passed or failed the division. If you see a “likely” pass, this means, 99% of the time, that you have passed. The same applies to the “likely” fail.

Your official score will be reported to your NCARB Record within one week of your test date. You'll receive an email notification from NCARB when your score is available. The score report will indicate whether you've passed or failed and will provide a breakdown of your performance in each section of the division.

It's important to note that the ARE is a pass/fail exam, and your score is determined by the total number of questions you answered correctly. The score is not based on a curve, and there is no penalty for guessing.

Reporting Test Concerns

If you encounter any issues during your exam, it's important to report them as soon as possible. This includes concerns about specific exam questions, technical issues, or testing conditions.

To report a concern about a specific exam question, you can use the “Comment” button during the exam. This will not impact your score, but it will allow NCARB to review the question.

For technical issues or concerns about testing conditions, you should notify the test center administrator or online proctor immediately. If the issue cannot be resolved, or if you wish to provide additional information, you can report the concern to NCARB through your NCARB Record.

Understanding your ARE score and knowing how to report test concerns are crucial steps in your journey to becoming a licensed architect. By familiarizing yourself with these processes, you can ensure that your exam experience is as smooth as possible

Please check NCARB's website for more information.