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ARE 5.0 Tips

When should i start the ARE 5.0?

It is generally accepted that having a substantial and varied amount of experience under your belt, helps passing the ARE 5.0 exams. But people with a lot of experience are also generally older and sometimes married with the bonus of one or more kids. Therefore, starting the process while you are still young, and with spare energy to study, might not be such a bad thing after all. In other words, it is all up to you

How can i start the ARE 5.0 exam process?​

If you are unsure of how to start the architect registration exam, you should visit NCARB’s website. They will provide you with important information that will help you get started, such as:

Eligibility to start testing. Please do this before you do anything else

Start a NCARB record, where you can schedule exam appointments

ARE 5.0 Guidelines. Everything you need to get started

ARE 5.0 Community. Find answers to some of your questions and study pals for your study groups

ARE 5.0 Handbook. Detailed information and sample questions about all six divisions