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Structural Systems

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Envelope Systems

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Building Systems

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Visual Learning

Practice exams are a great study tool for the ARE exam. Especially if at the end of each exam, all answers have a detailed explanation and include a reference to a publication that is recommended by NCARB's ARE 5.0 Handbook – just like our exams! But sometimes, it's just not enough. Most of us are visual learners and some topics are just to complex. It's also very time-consuming to read through hundreds of pages of several different books. Fear no more!

We've focused on the topics that most aspiring architects struggle with, when studying for the PPD and PDD exams, also know as The Beasts. Below you'll find a timeline for when our videos will come online. Note that regardless of when you purchase a product form us – practice exams, video content or both – you'll have access to your purchased content for as long as you need. And you'll also have access to all new updates to our content.


Currently, we are only teaching within corporate environments. If you want to learn a new trick and if you are an employee in an office, big or small, drop us a line at to learn more. We'll get back to you promptly!

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