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Practice Management

ARE 5.0 Study Materials

Overview of the Practice Management Division

The Practice Management division is designed to assess your knowledge of the business and operational aspects of maintaining a successful architectural practice. It covers a range of topics, from understanding contractual and legal obligations to managing financial processes and risk. This division will evaluate objectives associated with the administration of architectural practice, encompassing professional ethics, fiduciary duties, and the laws that regulate the practice of architecture. The division will concentrate on matters pertaining to tasks before contract finalization, such as negotiation, management of human resources, and consultant development. You are required to exhibit knowledge and skills in business organization, business expansion, and the development and safeguarding of assets.

Number of items: 65
Test duration: 2 hr 40 min
Allowed break time: 30 min
Total appointment time: 3 hr 20 min

This division is divided into four sections, each focusing on a different aspect of practice management. In parentheses, you’ll find the expected number of items (questions) of each section in the PcM exam.

1. Business Operations (13-17)
2. Finances, Risk & Development of Practice (19-23)
3. Practice-Wide Delivery of Services (14-18)
4. Practice Methodologies (11-15)

Section 1: Business Operations.

This section focuses on the daily operations of an architectural practice. It covers topics such as staffing, business structures, regulations, insurance, ethics and Standard of Care.

Section 2: Finances, Risk & Development of Practice

This section discusses the necessity of focusing on financial aspects, reducing risk and liability, and managing services and contracts when operating and expanding a practice. It represents the most substantial section within the Practice Management division

Section 3: Practice-Wide Delivery of Services

In this section, it's necessary to evaluate projects based on their influence on the overall operation of a practice.

Section 4: Practice Methodologies

This section requires an examination of the organization of a practice to fulfill its objectives, along with the coordination of diverse projects and services within the practice. This is the smallest of the four sections in the Practice Management division.

For more detailed information, refer to the ARE 5.0 Guidelines and NCARB’s website.

Practice Management

Project Management

Programming & Analysis

Project Planning & Design

Project Development & Documentation

Construction & Evaluation

Practice Management

PcM Practice Exam