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Structural Systems

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Practice exams are an essential study tool for the ARE, but sometimes it's just not enough. Most of us are visual learners and some topics are just to complex. It's also very time-consuming to read through thousands of pages of several different books. But fear no more, we got you covered! We've focused on the topics that most aspiring architects struggle with, when studying for the PPD and PDD exams, structural systems.

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Structural Systems - Introduction


Our Learning platform videos are mainly aimed and the PPD and PDD divisions, although they can also be  useful for the PA division. You can purchase our video content through any of the 6 ARE 5.0 divisions, just select one below and get started today.

Learning Platform Syllabus

Structural Systems

2 hours

1. Introduction – 8 minutes

Describe the nature of structural analysis and design, and how it relates to architecture and the ARE 5.0.

What it means to “understand the concepts”.

Understand structural principles and their application in architecture – the ARE 5.0 and beyond.

Outline of video courses to follow.

2. Analysis – 60 minutes

Translation of externally applied forces into a set of internal member forces used to design a structural member or system

Types of internal forces – Axial, Shear, Bending, Torsion

Beams – Determining loads, Free body diagrams, Finding reactions, Shear diagram, Moment Diagrams, Curvature & Deflection

Typical equations for maximum values – Point load, Distributed load

3. Q&A – 15 Minutes (more coming soon)

Forces and Vectors

Beams and Reactions