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Struggling with structures and MEP?

Occupancy and construction types

Curtain walls are a mystery

Concrete vs Steel vs Wood

R-values, U-values, SHGC

Project Planning & Design

Project Planning & Design


+270 questions with detailed clarifications

1 Full Practice Exam

1 Case Study

4 Short Quizzes

4 Short Quizzes per NCARB's sections

Tons of questions on systems and materials

Much more to be uploaded soon!

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Project Planning & Design Exam Bundle

Vast and rich content

The Project Planning & Design bundle contains +270 curated practice questions. Multiple choice, fill in the blank, diagrams and pictures. Moreover, we keep adding content on a daily basis.

Case Studies

We know how daunting case studies can be. Therefore, we added one at the end of each full practice exam. In other words, it feels just like the real thing.

NCARB Aligment

All practice questions are categorized per NCARB's sections. So you'll know what your blind spots are.


At the end  of each quiz, there is a breakdown of your results with detailed clarifications. Moreover, we provide links to official resources and useful links.

Multi Exam Format

1 Full practice exam (120Q) , 4 short practice exams (20Q) and 4 short quizzes. One PPD quiz for every situation. 

Multi Platform

We built a responsive site that works seamlessly. Desktop, tablet and mobile environments. So that you can take our practice exams anywhere. 

Community Oriented

We strive to provide an excellent product at a very low price. Our primary goal is to help you through this tough experience. 

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Project Management

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Project Planning & Design

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Project Planning & Design

Project Planning & Design