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Dear ARE 5.0 community

Kee and I started this journey a year ago with the intent of helping others on their path to become licensed architects, by providing ARE 5.0  practice exams at extremely affordable prices. A degree in architecture is quite expensive and we believe the architect registration exam should not make you go bankrupt before you become a licensed architect!

Most of us don't know what will happen in the upcoming months and testing availability is somewhat limited at Prometric centers. These are times of uncertainty, both on a personal and professional level. 

Therefore, for those of you who want and can use this time to study, we're selling all of our products with a 15% discount.

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Really appreciate everything that you guys do, and thanks again for helping me become a licensed architect!​


Overall, i found the questions to be useful and more rigorous than many others out there.


Thanks again for working hard on getting more questions, they are great! Thank you for all your hard work to help us pass!


I loved all the financial questions from PcM. It was a great exercise in “finding the missing variable” given the provided information. I felt like it was a very beneficial exercise in applying my understanding to the typical equations from the AHPP. I’ll be honest, WeARE is the best ARE 5.0 practice exams that I’ve used so far, they really applied the information in a practical yet challenging way. You definitely have a return customer…!


I bought the PA exam bundle and I think it was extremely helpful. It really helped guide me on the areas where I was weak. Some of the questions even bleed into PPD content a bit but that worked out great. I would rather know too much than not enough. Passed my PA exam first try!


Thank you so much, could not have done this without the help of the WeARE team! I will definitely continue to promote your practice exams!


Hello! I love these exams, it has been so helpful. I am hungry for more questions!


Thank you so much, I truly appreciate it. Your site is fantastic! The practice questions are on the hard side; they make me stop & think and pay attention to what I'm reading both in the questions and in the resources.


Practice Management

Project Management

Programming & Analysis

Project Planning & Design

Project Development & Documentation

Construction & Evaluation

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ARE 5.0 Practice Exams with +1,200 questions. New content updated daily.

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Each full practice exam has a case study. Just like the real thing.


Several exam formats including quizzes per NCARB‘s divisions.


Responsive site built for desktop and mobile. An App is on the way!


We strive to provide quality practice exams at a very low price.

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There's much more to our profession than the Architect Registration Examination. In order to succeed in this very competitive landscape, we must excel in a vast array of subjects and we must be proficient in several kinds of software. For that reason, we created a series of live WebClasses to help you become a better professional.

No boring pre-recorded videos. We offer curated and specialized WebClasses, where you can interact with your peers and ask our teachers all the questions you want. All skill levels are welcome!


How to become a licensed architect?

What is the Architect Registration Exam?

Completing the Architect Registration Exam – ARE 5.0 – is mandatory in the United States in order to become a licensed architect. Should everyone with an architecture degree do it? Not necessarily. Is it beneficial for your career, regardless of your type of aspirations in your professional life? Absolutely. Above all, whether you pass all the exams or not – you will if you do not quit – the knowledge you will acquire in the process will help you immensely in your career, whatever that may be.

In conclusion, let us put all the cards on the table: it is an expensive, tiresome, frustrating, and daunting experience but the rewards make up for all the blood, sweat and tears. Mostly tears.

When should i start the Architect Registration Exam?

It is generally accepted that having a substantial and varied amount of experience under your belt, helps passing the ARE 5.0 exams. But people with a lot of experience are also generally older and sometimes married with the bonus of one or more kids. Therefore, starting the process while you are still young, and with spare energy to study, might not be such a bad thing after all. In other words, it is all up you!

How can i start the ARE 5.0 exam process?

If you are unsure of how to start the architect registration exam, you should visit NCARB’s website. They will provide you with important information that will help you get started, such as:

The six divisions of the Architect Registration Exam

In which order should I take the ARE 5.0 exam divisions?

Above all, there is no right or wrong way to do it. But aspiring architects typically choose the order by which they take the 6 exams per their overlapping and difficulty. The latter may be a bit more subjective and personal, but the former is quite evident once you start studying for the exams. We believe there is a substantial overlap in the study materials and resources between PcM, PjM and CE but also between PA and the 2 “beasts”. People usually start studying for the Pro-Practice Trifecta (PcM, PjM and CE) because there is a considerably smaller amount of study materials to read. We would not say these exams are necessarily easier than the other three, but the exams are shorter and there is less information to absorb. It is good to start with the shorter exams to gauge what an ARE 5.0 exam is all about.

Similarly, the experience will also teach you how to carefully (but quickly) read questions, how to choose the right answer and how to pace yourself. This will be useful once you get to the 100-question mammoths! Lastly, there is also a great amount of overlapping between PA and PP&D and the same can be said between PP&D and PD&D.

How long does it take to do all six divisions of the ARE 5.0 exam?

This might be getting old, but it depends on you. Some complete the architect registration exam in a couple of months (you would need to stop working and there is a great chance you will have a complete meltdown), others take 5 years or more. Whatever you do, do not try to do it as quickly as you can just because of the peer pressure. Stop looking at what others have done and study for these exams at your own pace. The goal is not to memorize all the information just to pass the ARE 5.0 exams, you should actually try to learn new things. Lastly, most of what you learn for the ARE 5.0 exams will be useful throughout your career as a licensed architect. 

Don’t try to be a hero

There are many other people out there in the same situation as you. Around 20,000 aspiring architects are on this journey every year. Reach out to friends, colleagues, and everyone you can think of, that might be able to help you. People fear the unknown so it is always beneficial when you can learn from someone else’s experience. There are also others out there that might gain from your knowledge, so don’t be shy to pay it forward. The other scary thing is the shear amount of study materials. NCARB’s ARE 5.0 community is a great place to start and the ARE Facebook group has proven to be instrumental to a lot of people seeking out answers in their journey to become a licensed architect.

Do not give up!

If you look at the latest pass rates, you will probably start to shiver. Moreover, the majority of people fail at least one division of the architect registration exam. Some fail more than 5 and a few even more than 10. Therefore, there’s a big chance you are also going to fail at some point. Learn from your mistakes and get back at it again. In other words, do not give up!

ARE 5.0 Practice Exam. Practice, practice, practice!

The lack of information regarding the actual content of the ARE 5.0 exam (current and past) is what scares candidates the most. First thing you need to do is stop complaining and blaming the system for being unfair. We must all play by the rules if we want to play (and win) the game. Try out as many ARE 5.0 practice exams as you can afford – this is why we provide such low prices! Try different providers in order to reduce the chance of being surprised on test day. Use the answer clarifications to learn about a given subject. Open the provided links, see YouTube videos, read books. Lastly, go back and practice all over again. Good luck!